Buy, Sell or Exchange

For Sale or Rent :  Exclusive Offer to Existing Owners for a Limited Period Only

I have just heard the following Resort-Owned units are available to purchase by existing owners :

Week 36              Unit 7    Unit 20
Week 38              Unit 4    Unit 20
Week 43              Unit 19
Week 48              Unit 20
Week 49              Unit 8
Week 50              Unit 5    Unit 8

The price: US$1,500.00 (including the first yearís maintenance charges)

If you want to know more, contact Richard Wilson at Topsider

Itís always worth talking to Richard Wilson at Topsider  to see if there are any new resort-owned units for sale or rent. You can usually check out the specials in the owners section of the resort website.

For Sale or Rent : I understand the Topsider Newsletter has already made its first successful match with a buyer and seller of a unit in the same week in October being introduced to each other. If you have any units that you would like to sell or rent, have units that will be empty and unloved for a week or need somewhere to hang your fishing poles for a few days, let me know and Iíll put you in touch with your counterpart. 

This would of course only be an introductory facility.

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