Restaurants in The Florida Keys


New Eating Places: Three new eateries were visited during our all too short stay at Topsider in January:


Shula Burger MM84  Don Shula’s new burger restaurant at the Post Card Inn Resort, known better as Holiday Isle. Friendly staff and decent tasting burgers wrapped in sweet buns. Prices not too outrageous. If you eat outside you get a great view of the car park but it may be too dark to read the menu without a flashlight.


The Shrimp Shack MM82 Very casual and reasonably priced on the whole. One of our party had the shrimp and grits and loved it. The staff are friendly, if a little on the young side, especially the little boy with the bread basket. Probably a good place to take the kids.


Chef Michael MM81.5 Friendly staff with good service and large portions. We sampled the New York Strip and Shrimp Vol-au-Vent both of which were great. The premises is set back a little off the Overseas Highway and can suffer from the noise of passing trucks but place is definitely worth a try.


Hi Tony,

I have another restaurant to add that I give, and many of my Dad's neighbors at the Hyatt give major thumbs up.

The place is at 1114 Duval St. in Key West called SWEET TEA'S. 
Go hungry cause the portions are large. Real down home foods like Thanksgiving Dinner, Chicken Pot Pie, Meatloaf, etc. 
Your entrees come with 2 sides, like mashed potatoes w/gravy, sauteed corn, the salad is a meal in itself, 
and the food was hot and deelish! 
So if you ever want down home cooking with an adorable atmosphere, it's worth a walk down to the restaurant. 
They've only been there three months now, and the locals go there and sit at the bar to have their meals 
or in the little room off the bigger dining room with beautiful fabric upholstered benches 
with throw pillows and pretty exotic flower wall vases. I loved it, but couldn't finish it all cause I had lunch that day.

Well you keep in touch, take care and God bless. Love across the miles, 

October / November


Lazy Days (Islamorada)  The number one choice for most Topsider visitors. Portions are huge – you’ll always have a box to take home for lunch the following day. Try the Lion Fish – it may look strange but it is a firm and tasty fish that attracts comments and admirers from nearby tables.  During Happy Hour (4pm – 6pm) selected appetizers are only $3.00 a portion.


 Lionfish Appetizer at Lazy Days

Bentleys Islamorada) 
During Happy Hour you can try selected appetizers for reduced prices. Try the Dino Bones and Mussels Monica.

 Turtle (Islamorada) Saturday night is ‘Grab a Slam Night’ when they serve prime rib in huge portions but though the food may be good, it has been known to arrive at the table a degree or two cooler than it left the kitchen.

 Fish Company (Islamorada) Typical ‘Keys Style Fare’ – plenty of good food served in baskets. Be there for sunset when they feed the sharks and tarpons. Usually has some form of live entertainment in the evenings. 

Lorelei (Islamorada) 
Best place to photograph Keys sunsets for miles around. Always has excellent, if not sometimes a trifle loud, live entertainment.  Try to get there for the magician, Michael Trixx.  Food and drinks at reasonable prices with typical ‘Keys’ presentation – meals in baskets and drinks in plastic cups.

Lorelei Just Before Sunset                                                                    Michael Trixx with the Ladies


 Wharf (Key West) Worth driving 75 miles to enjoy laid back Keys style fare listening to the music and words of Michael McCloud. One of the Happy Hours runs from 10am to Noon.


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