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Strictly on your behalf, the newsletter team have been tirelessly sampling Key Lime Pies over the past few weeks and have come up with the following list in order of preference:


1)   Sunrise Supermarket & Restaurant (Tavernier MM92) 

   The Key Lime Factory (Key West)

   Trading Post (Islamorada)

   Publix (Marathon)


Not being a Key Lime Pie aficionado, I am unable to describe the different tastes and textures in detail but our researchers would like to know if you have found any other sources of KLP so they can complete their investigations when they come back to Topsider.

and here's a Key Lime Pie suggestion from Lisa

Okay, super simple key lime pie. Get a ready made graham cracker crust, set aside. In a batter bowl, empty one can of sweetened condensed milk, half a cup of key lime juice (Nellie & Joe's brand) and 4 egg yolks.

Blend together and pour into graham cracker crust. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes till mixture is set. Don't over cook or let the edges brown or you'll have a cheesecake texture, not good.

Take pie out to completely cool and put in the fridge till nice and cold. I prefer a whipped cream top, if you are pressed for time just use the one in the can or a container of cool whip.

To really make a yummy combination, put pie in the freezer, once frozen take pie out and cut slices on to plates, take chocolate shell syrup and cover the pie slice and it hardens, then add the whipped cream and you have chocolate covered key lime pie frozen treat...deelish.

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