Critters at Topsider

It seems as if every time we come to the Florida Keys, we see something new. In addition to the usual pelicans, egrets, dolphins, iguanas and manatee, this time we saw a squirrel as well as a red and white banded snake wrapped around a cactus plant.

 C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\02-02-2012\P1000791 (1024x768).jpg C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\02-02-2012\P1000795 (640x480).jpg C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\02-02-2012\P1000737 (640x480).jpg
Do you know what type of snake is pictured ?

Have you seen anything unusual or do you have any pictures of the wildlife down in the Keys ?


A regular visitor to the Dock at Topsider                              An Iguana on the Beach

A pair of Manatees make a Splash                                               Key Deer at Big Pine

Other than the aliens from England & Scotland, have you encountered any unusual wildlife during your visit ?


Let us know and maybe share your photos of tree frogs, possums and iguanas.


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