The Boardwalk & Picnic Area at Topsider

Down on the Boardwalk
Those of you who were at Topsider in October will remember that the boardwalk had been given a makeover and was looking great.

But Steve the carpenter has been busy since then. Not only have many of the planks been replaced on the fishing dock but the deck by the beach has been transformed with its picnic area extended by the fixed barbecue and new steps installed to make it easier for those of us who arenít getting any younger. 

By the time we get down to Topsider again, there may even be some handrails.

 C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\02-02-2012\P1000801 (1024x768) (640x480).jpg         C:\Users\Tony\Pictures\02-02-2012\P1000787 (640x480).jpg

The new boardwalk and expanded picnic area with additional steps is looking great



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